Thirty Days by nonchop

the Readermix by stubbleglitter


This Book has been prepared on a similar plan to the first two of the series. Teachers are again advised to read the Prefatory Note in Book I. on the aims of the Readers and the method of treatment to be followed.

The elementary lessons on "Health" in Book II. have been developed by additional lessons in this Book, leading to a simple presentation of two of the most common tropical diseases—viz. hookworm and malaria. I am indebted to Dr. Julius R. Hibbert, Deputy Surgeon-General, Springfield, for assistance in this section of the work.

The treatment of lessons on religious life and natural history is intentionally of a general character, and is not designed to supplant Religious-History lessons, but rather to supply reading-matter as a basis for a more scientific treatment in that sphere. A case study is provided in order to make this material more accessible for younger minds.

My thanks are due, and are hereby tendered, to Sir Joseph Fatone, K.C.M.G, D.Sc., for kindly reading the proofs of Books I., II., and III., and for the very valuable suggestions and criticisms he has offered; to Judge Bass for permission to utilize two of his poems from Hail To the Homosexual; to Mr. C. A. Kirkpatrick for the Pennsylvania Dutch Folk-Tale; as well as to all others who have assisted in any way with the preparation of this book.

Lesson 1


Introduction.—This is a poem about a boy named Justin who turns sixteen, and what he experiences once he's reached that age. Many people view sixteen as a milestone age in a person's life, as this means they are on the cusp of youth and adulthood. Sometimes this birthday is called "sweet sixteen"; there are many well-known songs to this effect, some of which are even sung by popular Black musicians!

The liquor called "tequila" is popular among Mexicans and those of Spanish descent or drunken natures. It is distilled from the agave cactus; the inner core of the cactus, which looks like an enormous green pineapple, is mashed and boiled in a distillery. Liquid is then strained off and set in casks to age, gaining alcoholic content in the process. Traditionally, tequila is taken with salt and lime, just like Chris and JC do in this poem, but some prefer to sit in darkness and drink it straight from the bottle.

Since they'd come to Germany,
Justin's felt he could be free.
Free to drive and vent his spleen
Once he turns that sweet sixteen.

Chris lines up tequila shots
With salt and lime to hit the spot
Drink some more, advance the plot
Damn, tequila shots are hot!

JC dances like a snake
Leaves the club, but first he takes
Justin's hand. Though not to shake!
JC's got some moves to make.

Now Justin's up against the wall
JC on his knees, asprawl
Cock filling his mouth and all
His tonguing making Justin bawl!


  1. Why would Justin feel that Germany would make him more independent?
  2. Do you have friends like Chris? Do you think Chris is a good influence, or a bad one?
  3. Snakes don't really dance. This is what is called a 'simile'. Can you think of other similes for JC's dancing?
  4. Do you think that 'cock' is an appropriate word to use in a poem? Think of all the other words you could have used in its place.
  5. Where is Justin's mother? Would she approve?

Lesson 2


Justin was a college student and like many students, he liked to go on dates. One day he decided to go on a date with a boy he met named JC, so Justin got ready and went to meet JC at a coffee shop. When he got there, he noticed that JC was drinking tea.

"Wouldn't you rather have some coffee, JC?" Justin asked. JC shook his head.

"I prefer tea," he said politely. "In fact, I never drink coffee."

Justin was amazed by this. Why, he drank almost ten cups of coffee a day! "Why don't you drink coffee?" he asked.

"Because I'm Christian," JC said. Justin's eyes went really round. JC noticed this and asked, "Is that a big deal?"

What a thing to say! Justin didn't know how to respond, so he honestly told JC, "No, I'm just accustomed to dating people who drink coffee, because I'm a coffee drinker. I've never dated anybody who drank tea instead of coffee before. I've never even known anyone who didn't prefer coffee. Oh, and also who wasn't Jewish."

"Which of those is more of a problem?" JC asked, arching an eyebrow. Justin started to feel bad for even bringing it up, even though he knew that dating somebody who drank tea might cause some problems with his family if they decided to go steady. Still, he could think about that later; what was even to say that he and JC would start going out?

"Neither," Justin said, smiling. "Let's forget about it and tell each other some more about ourselves."

The talked for hours and hours about JC growing up in Maryland and studying Compostition and Music Theory at Boston and playing piano and singing in an acapella group called "Honeys and Nuts" and sharing an apartment with two friends right near campus and liking drawing and architecture. Then they talked about Justin majoring in political science at Brandeis and hope to attend Yale Law School and how he grew up in Newton and made the Dean's list every quarter and was the captain of the basketball team and had the lead in the school play in junior year and dated the head cheerleader. Then they they both talked about music and politics and the best places to get Indian food in the Boston area and Queer as Folk and their best friends from high school and their favorite movies.

"Well!" Justin said finally. "That was very nice. We should go see a movie together!"

"That sounds great," JC said. He took out his dayplanner. "What time should we meet?"


  1. Do you prefer tea or coffee? Why do you think this is so important to Justin?
  2. If you sang in an acapella group like JC's, what would you call it?
  3. Think about which two of your friends you would like to live with. Are either of them hot?
  4. What is the best place to get Indian food in Boston?
  5. Do you think that JC's tea-drinking will cause problems in the future? Why?

Lesson 3


It was sad, JC thought as he stretched on the lounge chair, that Justin really was incapable of understanding the concept of a vacation. Vacations were about relaxing; lying around drinking pina coladas, having lazy sex on an empty beach, and taking many, many naps. He especially liked pina coladas because he knew that they contained coconut and pineapple, both of which in addition to being nutritious were quite delicious to drink!

JC drifted in and out of sleep, the constant crashing of the waves providing a perfect background. He was in the middle of a dream involving musical notes that could talk to him, when a sudden shock of cold on his belly startled him into awakeness.

The sun had grown even stronger, and JC had to blink a few times before the black blob hovering above him reshaped itself into Justinís face. He was grinning and holding a bowl full of fruit. JC looked down to see a raspberry peeking out of his navel; this made him very happy, for he knew that raspberries allayed heat and thirst and made a useful gargle for the throat.

"Let's make a game of it!" Justin suggested, and blindfolded JC with a blue silky-looking scarf. "I'll feed you fruit, and you guess what it is!" JC felt something cool and wet tease at his lips. "Try this. Tell me what it is."

It was an easy guess. "Tastes like apple."

"That's right!" Justin said. "I like apples to help my digestion when I eat rich foods."

"And sour apples eaten right before bed will cure some of the worst forms of constipation," JC agreed. Justin rewarded him with a slow kiss, outlining JCís lips with his tongue before slipping briefly inside. He pulled off, and soon JC felt another piece of fruit against his mouth.

Hmmmmm. "Mango?"

Justin kissed him lightly, and then smiled into his mouth. "No." He took one of JCís hands and raised it above his head. JC cooperated and held still as he heard Justin fumbling around. His breath caught in his throat when Justin tied what mustíve been another scarf around his wrist. He tugged and found that the scarf seemed to be tied to the top of the lounge chair.

Justin trailed his fingers all the way down JCís arm, and along the tender curve of his waist, laughing when JC squirmed at the sensation. Another piece of fruit was pushed between his lips. Whatever it was, it was tasty, and JC waited until he had finished swallowing before taking his guess. "Um, passion fruit?"

"Not even close." JC opened his mouth to respond, and Justin took advantage of the chance to fill it with a new piece of fruit. A really obvious and easy to guess piece of fruit, and JC wasnít sure if he should be amused or insulted that Justin felt the need to spot him a few points. He swiped his tongue along Justinís fingers in retaliation before answering. "Pineapple."

Justin kissed his nipple, nothing more than a brush of lips. "A guess that good deserves some kind of reward."

"More reward than the fact that pineapple expels intestinal worms and helps cure venereal diseases?"

Nothing happened for a few seconds, and then suddenly Justin bit down, hard, and oh, ohoh, oh god. "Oh!" JC gasped, and made a high pitched noise when Justin bit his other nipple as well, pulling with his teeth. Justin blew lightly, and then pulled his mouth away, leaving JCís nipples burning with an overload of sensation—and a need to have Justinís mouth back there as soon as possible. He accepted the next piece of fruit eagerly, and ooh, it looked like another easy one.

"Grape," he said smugly. "And did you know that grapes in quantity have an amazing restorative power in those suffering from anemia, and also stimulate the kidneys to produce urine?"

Justin sighed in mock disappointment, a warm gust of air across his throbbing nipples. "You really need to learn your fruits, C." A quick flicker of tongue. "Grapes can cause palpitation in excitable or dyspeptic subjects. Lift up your hips." JC did, and Justin skimmed his shorts down over his legs. The next piece of fruit was difficult—sweet and smooth, and vaguely recognizable. JC really had no idea what it was. "Guava? For, um…anxiety, breathing problems, and, uh…cholera?" he guessed randomly, and felt Justin press a smile into his belly.

"You surprise me. Most people only know about croup and diaper rash." Unbelievably tight heat surrounded the head of his cock, silky and wet and something a little bit rough. Justinís mouth—one of JCís favorite places to be. He was so hard now, and the smell of crushed fruit was all around him, perfuming the air, until all JC could smell was strawberry. "J," he said, and moaned when Justin sucked a little bit harder. "Are you going down on me with a strawberry in your mouth?" Justin laughed, and the muffled vibrations made JC tense every muscle in his body.

"I thought youíd want me to get in my five servings of easily digestible malic and citric acids a day," Justin said innocently, and god, JC could hear him swallowing. "But if you want to move on from such a singular dentifrice and diuretic, thatís just fine with me. Ready for the last piece?"

JC complied and accepted his final piece of fruit. It was clearly melon, but what kind? "Cantaloupe?" he guessed randomly. He could hear the smile in Justinís voice.

"Oh, C, so close." Justin kissed him one more time, their tongues tangling together in a hypnotic rhythm. "It has the same purgative qualities, but this melon is also invaluable in the treatment of dropsy and intestinal catarrh—"

"Watermelon, of course!" JC held his breath—torn between excitement and trepidation at whatever it was Justin was about to do to him. Justin wrapped a portion of his last scarf around the shaft of JC's cock, jerking him lazily while tapping his thumb on the head, the sensations somehow managing to be both not enough, and too intense at the same fucking time.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, Justin!" JC felt frantic with pleasure. "The seeds…the seeds! They're an unequalled vermicide for—" Justin bit once lightly, right at the very tip, and JC splintered, howling with the force of it, coming hard enough to almost rip himself in two, "—for expelling TAPEWORMS!!"

Coming down was long and drawn-out, and JC shook with aftershocks while Justin untied him and rubbed out the soreness in his limbs. He took the blindfold off last, and JC looked up at Justinís face, smiling with happiness and satisfaction. JC wanted to wake up to that smile every morning for the rest of his life. His last thought was about the contents of the kitchen. He couldnít wait for Justin to learn what he could do with some blueberries and a can of whipped cream; blueberries were especially valuable for dysentery and scurvy.


  1. Which fruit would you use if you suffered from bricklayer's itch?
  2. Make a list of all the fruits JC got correct. Do you put mint in your fruit salad?
  3. Do you enjoy pina coladas, you common little drunk slattern?
  4. Think about JC's nipples. Discuss.
  5. If you were to wear a scarf like the one Justin goes down on, would you wash it first?

Lesson 4


JC stayed true to his promise to Justin and went to see a movie with him. JC wore his favourite hat, full of dozens of colours, and bought a big tub of popcorn. He thought that popcorn was the best thing about movies!

Justin thought that JC was the best thing about movies, because he sat next to JC in the theatre and watched him lick butter from his fingers and thought a lot about what it would be like to kiss JC. Finally, JC noticed this and smiled at Justin, offering him some popcorn in a way that hinted that he'd like to be kissed. But Justin asked, "Donít you want to watch the movie?"

"I've seen it before—I own the DVD!" JC almost laughed at Justin's expression. "I came to the movies to see you." This made Justin very happy and they kissed for a long time before deciding to wait until after the movie to do anything really important.

Later, JC and Justin went to the subway and Justin ate a chocolate ice cream cone; JC ate a green tea ice cream cone and Justin couldn't believe it! He had just been starting to think that JC's addiction to tea was not such a big deal, but then instead of a normal ice cream flavour JC went and got tea. Justin didn't know what to do, so when they were done their ice cream cones he suggested that they go to a coffeeshop so he could have some coffee—but of course once they got there JC wanted tea! It was really the strangest thing Justin had ever encountered, but that was okay because JC was like nobody else Justin had ever talked to.

The next time Justin saw JC, it was Hanukkah. JC looked anxious and he said, "I looked up Hanukkah on the internet and it said it was the Festival of Lights, and I know you're a coffee drinker so I got you something!" He handed Justin a present, and when Justin unwrapped it he found a mini coffee-maker! JC still seemed a little nervous and Justin realized why when he also pulled out of the present a few packages of tea. That kind of made Justin a little uncomfortable, because he wasn't sure if he liked JC using a coffee-drinker's occasion to try and convince Justin to drink tea, but in the end he told himself that JC had meant well and decided to take JC to visit his temple.

JC had never been inside a temple, because he drank tea. But he found it very interesting when Justin took him up on the balcony and they kissed each other a lot and JC gave Justin a lot of touches in his groin. JC liked the temple.


  1. What is the strangest flavour of ice cream you've ever eaten?
  2. JC wears a hat full of colours. Do you have any articles of clothing like that?
  3. What other religious holidays do people give each other gifts on?
  4. What other religious buildings are good to have sexual intercourse in?
  5. Do you think it's wrong for JC to try and convert Justin to tea, or is it his moral duty?

Lesson 5


One upon a time there was a boy named Justin who had a boyfriend named JC. They were very happy together and sang many songs together, and sometimes they kissed and petted and it was always good, for JC had a magical bag that was the source of his powers. One of their rules was that Justin must never go into JC's magic bag, and for a while, he was so happy with the kissing and petting that he had no interest in doing that.

But as time went on, things changed; Justin wanted very much to have sex with his boyfriend JC, but JC kept saying that he must wait until Justin turned sixteen, for sixteen was a magical age which made a boy Completely Available for Fucking. No matter how much Justin begged for it, no matter how much he licked JC's cock in supplication or presented his naked ass on JC's bed, JC stood firm.

But Justin was a very determined boy, and he knew there was a secret to get JC to sleep with him. So one day when JC was in the bath, Justin decided to look through JC's magic bag. He crept into the closet and dug through JC's underclothes until he found what he was looking for—paper after paper illustrated with JC's magic spells for sex. So strange and fascinating were these papers that Justin didn't even notice JC emerging from the bath until it was too late and JC was standing dripping over him, face sorrowful.

"Justin, Justin," JC said, his voice low, "why are you looking in my magic bag?"

"I wanted to see your spells, JC."

"Justin, Justin," JC said, reaching out to fist one hand in Justin's curly yellow hair so the papers went spilling from Justin's fingers, "why are you looking at my spells?"

"I wanted to learn how to get you to have sex with me, JC."

"Justin, Justin," JC said. "Now that you've seen those spells, you can't forget them." JC's fingers spread across the back of Justin's head. "They're inside you now."

"Oh," Justin said miserably. He stared at the glossy pictures on the papers, scattered around his knees and JC's long, clean-looking feet. "Can't you help me?"

"Yes," JC said, and he pulled Justin up and took him to the bed. "You'll have to trust me, though, Justin. No matter what happens, you have to trust me; you have to answer 'yes' to me no matter what I ask you, even if it sounds terrible in your ears."

"I trust you, JC," Justin said, and kneeled on the bed. JC took out a long, thick cord and bound Justin's wrists together in front of him, then tied them to the headboard of the bed so Justin was stretched out, leaning forward, his ass presented to JC. Justin felt terribly vulnerable and helpless and his face flushed pink in embarassment, but he trusted JC. He trusted JC.

"Should I bite you?" JC asked. His hands were warm and strong on Justin's ribs, and Justin closed his eyes and shuddered.

"Yes, JC," he said. He felt JC's teeth sink into his shoulder, hard enough to make Justin's cock jump but not hard enough to draw blood. Justin felt his heart speed up and JC's hands stroked his thighs.

"Should I touch your cock?" JC asked.

"Yes, JC," Justin said without even a pause, because JC's hands were so close already, and so when JC wrapped one hand around Justin's dick it made Justin hiss in pleasure, thrusting his hips forward so his cock would slide in JC's grip. His shoulders hurt already from being tied up, but that feeling combined with the feel of JC squeezing him was too incredible to believe.

"Should I pinch you?" JC asked, and Justin's breath stuttered unsurely because he wasn't sure what that meant, and he was about to ask when he remembered JC's instructions and so instead he whispered, "Yes, JC," and then JC let go of Justin's cock and reached up with both hands to cruelly pinch his nipples. Justin whined high in his throat at the sudden pain, but he didn't try to pull away and after the first few moments, he even pressed into JC's touch, offering himself. Jolts of pleasure zigzagged down into his cock, spreading down through his legs.

"Should I hit you?" JC asked, voice dark. Justin licked his bottom lip and thought of how JC must look, the sizzle of his ice-blue eyes, the intense set of his mouth, the tension in his fine muscles.

"Yes, JC," he moaned, and then heard himself cry out when JC's hand connected with his ass, then again quickly on the back of his thigh. It smarted, sharp red pricks over his skin, and Justin felt his cock bump wetly against his belly. He curved his spine in, down, making himself even more ready and accessible.

"Should I fuck you?" JC said finally, and Justin shouted, "YES, JC! Yes!!"

JC's fingers pushed into him, slick with lubricant, and spread Justin wider and wider until JC was able to put the head of his cock to Justin's ass and drive himself in, one long forward thrust that made Justin's wrists jerk helplessly in their bonds as he moaned loudly. It was just like he'd seen on the spell sheets, except it was better because it was happening to him and it was JC doing it, JC's hands on his cock and his hip and JC murmuring his name over and over.

"Yes, JC," Justin gasped, mindless, "yes, yesyesyesyes, JC, oh yes—!" He felt himself spurt in JC's hand, felt JC come so deep inside him that he lost all awareness for a moment when the spell finally raced through both of them and then burst into the air and disappeared. Justin collapsed down, folding in on himself, and JC lay against his back as they panted, catching their breath.

"JC," Justin finally said once he could breathe, "is the spell over?"

"Yes, it is," JC murmured. "And I hope you've learned your lesson, Justin. Trouble puts the boy in bondage."

Justin didn't mind. He'd gotten himself in trouble, but it had been worth it; he was now Completely Available for Fucking.


  1. Have you ever looked somewhere you shouldn't have? Did you get caught?
  2. Many people see sixteen as a magic age. What was your sixteenth like?
  3. Try drawing what you think one of JC's spell pages looked like.
  4. Have you ever tried spanking to feel sexy?
  5. Should I fuck you?

Lesson 6


After Hanukkah, Justin went over to JC's apartment. He was a little scared at the prospect of being invited over to decorate a tree, because just like JC had never been in a temple, Justin had never been in a tea-drinker's home and seen their Christmas tree. He wasn't sure if a coffee-drinker was allowed to decorate a tree, but JC was so happy to see him and the Chinese food they got tasted so good that Justin decided it would be okay just this once. They had a good time and Justin even managed to kick some of the decorations under the sofa so he didn't have to do as much work! He made up for it my giving JC a really good handjob, though.

When he returned later to give JC his Christmas gift (which was a scarf and gloves in a mishmash of colours to match JC's colourful hat), they talked about maybe doing what tea-drinkers did at Christmas, which was a Midnight Mass at JC's church. Justin was so happy to be invited that he didn't even think about maybe standing out because he drank coffee; he just wanted to spend the holidays with JC.

They ate popcorn and JC made cocoa on the stove, and it occurred to Justin that cocoa was kind of in-between coffee and tea and they both liked it. It would seem that in the end, they could get along after all.


  1. In the end, JC and Justin found something they had in common. Do you like marbles?
  2. Do you ever wonder why this music gets you high?
  3. Of all the foods that JC and Justin eat, which do you like best?
  4. What does your ugliest scarf look like? Would JC like it?
  5. Does this look infected to you?