We Invented The Remix: FAQ

What's this all about?
Ever read a fic and think, wow, what a fascinating story, but if I had written it, I would have… Well, now here's your chance to do just that. Rewrite someone else's story, tell somebody else's tale. Take the work of another person and wrap it up in your vision and style, just like a remixer does to songs.
So just take another person's story and change everything?
Yes and no. You can do whatever you like to the story—change POV, dialogue, mood, characterization, make it longer or shorter, whatever— except for two things: pairings and the basic plotline.
Why can't I change ____?
Basic plotline is fairly obvious. If you change the plot, then you're really not writing the same story, right? This doesn't mean you can't change little things, adding or deleting things as you see fit. For example, if you were rewriting The Little Mermaid, you might decide to give the mermaid a best friend who's a fish and a guardian who's a lobster, things that weren't in the original story. But you would keep the sea witch and the fact that the mermaid loses her voice because those are essential to the story. Of course, what are and aren't essential plot points is purely subjective, but I trust people will be able to decide what to do.
Fanfiction is (largely) about characters, and pairings mean characters. While this can certainly be argued, I think once you change who the story is about, you're pretty much writing a new story and contrary to popular belief, that's not what this challenge is about. It's about reinterpreting a story that's already been told. So, no, you cannot change the pairing(s) in the story.
All right. So then we can choose any story we want to rewrite?
Not just any story. Each participant will be assigned a writer (who will be a fellow participant and chosen at random) and must choose a story from that writer. You can choose any story written by the person you are assigned except for whichever fic they designate as their safe story (to be explained below).

And just in case it's not common-sense, don't pick a series that's unfinished. It's not fair to the original author or the readers to have someone else come up with an ending.

I'm still confused. We're just writing someone else's story?
Rewriting. It's not just changing a line here and there. Be creative. Have fun. Make a mess if you want. Remember, it's a challenge. Don't make it too easy on yourself.
And these are only *NSYNC stories?
Nope. This is mainly an SDBfic challenge, but stories focusing on Britney, the Neptunes or anyone else associated with the Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC are okay, too.
So what the hell is a safe story?
It's the one story that you don't want anyone messing with, for whatever reason. You only get one because I wasn't going to have it at all, but decided to be nice. And no, you don't have to have one, only if you want.
Do I have to have website?
Yes, because otherwise, how will we find your stories? You don't need your own website; hosted fics are fine as long as they're all on the same site. Stories posted to Livejournal are okay as long as there is some sort of index or listing for them, making them easily accessible. Stories posted only to message boards and/or mailing lists are ineligible because access to those are often limited.
I've only written a few stories. Can I still play?
As long as you have a minimum of five stories, not including your safe story, and they're not drabbles or PWPs, then you can.
But what if the story that was remixed last year gets remixed again?
This is different from last year. It's just fine if the story that was remixed last year gets remixed again. However, for the purposes of your qualifying minimum, neither the story that was already remixed, nor the story you wrote as a remix is eligible. Everyone needs five stories that are not remixes and have not been remixed in order to play.
What if I've co-written with someone?
If you have someone you co-write with regularly and the two of you wish to sign up for the challenge together, you will be counted as one participant and only the stories you have written together are eligible. If you regularly co-write with someone but only one of you signs up, then your co-written stories are off-limits. The same goes if both of you sign up but separately.
Hi, this is Sucky McSucksalot and I skipped out on last year's challenge. Can I still play?
Are there any sort of deadlines?
Why yes, there are! People can sign up for the challenge until 11:59 PM EST February 25. Assignments will be handed out on February 26, probably sometime in the evening. And then the stories aren't due until 11:59 PM EST April 8.
When will the stories be put up then?
I would like to have them up by April 16 and have the authors revealed April 23.
Oh yeah? What if I miss the deadline? Then what're you gonna do?
Once the stories go live, I'm going to put the word loser next to your name everywhere it appears on the site. I'm also considering a repulsive orange green color combo. And I'm not putting up any of the stories until I have one for each participant who sent in a story on time. If, while the pinch hitters do their thing, people ask me, "Hey, why aren't the stories up?", I'll point them to the site, which will have the names and email addresses of everyone who's late, and say, "Because of those people."
That's kind of mean.
Why, yes, yes it is.
Dude, what they did to my story sucks! Can you help me beat them down? or Dude, what they said about what I did to their story made me cry. Can you help me put them down?
No. Look, some challenges are gift exchanges, like Don We Now Our Gay Apparel. Others are a chance to do something cool, and see how other people do cool shit. You are writing a remix to see what kind of cool shit you can do, not to put a smile on the face of REmixFan#1. And, of course, REmixFan#1 is not writing you a birthday present, she's jumping into the guts of your story and swishing that shit all around. You're a grownup. Live with it.
"Curtain Call"? That sounds sort of…final. What's up with that?
This is the last popslash remix I ran. I still think remix is an awesome idea, I'm just not into popslash that much anymore. Luckily for you, stubbleglitter is planning to do remix in 2007. When she has a website, I will put up a link from here.